British 18 Round Converted Shoulder Cartridge Box
British 18 Round Converted Shoulder Cartridge Box
British 18 Round Converted Shoulder Cartridge Box
British 18 Round Converted Shoulder Cartridge Box

British 18 Round Converted Shoulder Cartridge Box

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After the numerous requests that I have received, I am quite pleased to offer you this British, 18 round converted shoulder mounted cartridge box, finished in black linseed oil paint and sealed with wax, making use of vegetable tanned leather, blackened with oil and marked with the appropriate gilded and embossed GR3 cypher. It is important to note that this listing also includes the necessary belting, being mounted onto the cartridge box, using period forged iron buckles.

It should be noted, that unlike other similar items elsewhere, this specific reproduction intentionally includes the holes that would have been made from removing the original belting for the belly box style of carriage, as these were converted belly boxes.

While the standard 18 round British "belly box" served as the default option for many light infantry companies through the Seven Years War (where it was also used by Grenadiers, among other soldiers) and into the American Revolution, the cartridge box had numerous downsides, such as the weakness of its straps and the difficulty faced in loading and firing prone, when required. A solution to this and many more problems, as well as serving in combination with the "belly box" was the use of a box that had been converted, with the removal of all leather straps to secure the box and new belting and buckles added to mount the cartridge box on the shoulder. When both boxes were combined, the solider now would have a total of 36 round available at any moment, a far more effective amount of ammunition.

This item is made to order and will be ready in less than four to five weeks (usually sooner) from the order date.

Having been developed part way through the American War of Independence, this cartridge box is an excellent item for those portraying British or Provincial infantry in the mid to later portions of the war, as well as numerous Continental Forces, without the gilded cypher (please let me know if you wish to have a box made with NO cypher, as the cypher comes by default).

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