How to Make an 18th Century Sugar Cone

Today we will be sharing with you our method for creating a period sugar cone and the best part is that you can make it in one of your reproduction port glasses (everybody has one of those, right?).

To start, you mix some sugar and water. The proportion that we use is for every 1 cup of sugar, add 1 tsp of water. Make sure to mix it really well, it should be the texture of damp sand (sort of crumbly looking).




Next pack the sugar down into your mould. After you have about an inch or so of packed sugar, scrape the top with a fork so that the next portion will "stick" to it. If you don't do this you get seams and you will find that the cone won't come out all in one piece. 



Keep doing this until you reach the top. Put a plate on top and flip it all over. You may have to tap it a little to get the sugar cone out. Once out, you will need to let the sugar cone set up for a few days until it is hardened.



You will want to wrap the sugar cone in paper and it's ready to go for your next period punch or baking needs.


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