18th Century - 1770s Playing Cards
18th Century - 1770s Playing Cards
18th Century - 1770s Playing Cards

18th Century - 1770s Playing Cards

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Originally entitled "Monarchs of Europe" and printed by Rowley & Co, n.d. (c. 1774-1776), of London, this set of cards are the first known non standard playing cards designed and produced within the United Kingdom. We are pleased to offer our reproduction of these cards on period linen card stock and restored to their original appearance. These are both some of the most accurate period reproductions that you can find, as well as the most unique around, being printed on authentic period heavy weight linen paper. As is the case with the originals, please note that these cards have a blank back.

These cards are notable for their inclusion of various leaders and monarchs as the suit cards, with similar imagery for all other cards. This is also a complete deck, including all 52 cards. As many of the cards were severely damaged, I have had to recreate many of them by hand, based on the remaining images, so you won't find these cards anywhere else!

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