Onanism or, A Treatise upon the Disorders Produced by Masturbation
Onanism or, A Treatise upon the Disorders Produced by Masturbation

Onanism or, A Treatise upon the Disorders Produced by Masturbation

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One of our more unique adult texts, dating to the year of 1767 and entitled "Onanism or, A Treatise upon the Disorders Produced by Masturbation", this text tells of the period belief that self-masturbation would have posed both a mental and physical health risk, not only to men, but particularly to women. A rather detailed and in-depth work of some great length, this work posits the period belief that masturbation would have caused severe physical and mental illness, as well as in the case of women, a desire to become celibate and to forsake their husbands, if to marry at all.

A medical text from the period and written in the context of its Georgian medical attitudes towards sex, this is quite a collector's piece and an interesting perspective on both sexuality and mental health within the era. Further, the text goes on at great length as it pertains to criminal conduct as a result of such personal acts, as a means through which to reinforce that a woman, or a man, should forsake such activity, lest they go mad. This is most definitely one of my most recommended works and one that will leave you with both some shock, as well as insight into the era.

This wonderfully reproduced book comes to you on period laid linen paper, hand bound with linen thread, suitable for collectors, historians and those with a passion for classic literature and antique books. As with all books of this nature, we must note that there are numerous imperfections, as noted below, reflecting the character of the original printing.

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