18th Century Canada Cap
18th Century Canada Cap
18th Century Canada Cap
18th Century Canada Cap

18th Century Canada Cap

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The Canada Cap, one of the most famous garments to ever come out of Canada and one that still can be found today, in many parts of Ontario and Quebec, can find its roots in the 18th century. Originally used as a warm piece of clothing by the French Canadian inhabitants of Quebec, the item was eventually adopted by all people of the region, both men and women and adapted for military use by both the British (and their Hessian allies) and the forces of the Continental Congress.

Designed with the correct full fur lining, and the ability to fold down to cover the back of your head and ears, this hat is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, using the same pattern as I offer within my shop and the same detailed historical research. The hat is currently available in madder red wool broadcloth and lined in ethically sourced Canadian rabbit fur, obtained locally, here in Ontario. For other colours and variations, as well as custom orders, send me an email before purchasing, as custom items will be at an additional cost, depending upon the materials of choice and any additional pieces (such as feather embellishments).

If you're interested in the digital pattern, you can purchase a copy using this link:

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