18th Century Lambskin and Silk Condom
18th Century Lambskin and Silk Condom

18th Century Lambskin and Silk Condom

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We are pleased to offer you a historically accurate, reproduction 18th century condom... Yes, that's right, an authentically reproduced 18th century condom. Condoms such as these have been used for quite some time.

These condoms were made out of lambskin and often tied at the end with some sort of ribbon, or tape and re-used, as needed. They are made with a silk ribbon sewn along the top edge. They would make a wonderful addition to any collector's inventory, or as an additional curiosity for historians and reenactors. These are limited edition, and once they sell out, I will not be offering them again. 

We must note that this is NOT INTENDED FOR ACTUAL USE. Please, we beg you, please do not attempt to use this condom as it this is sold as a novelty and not intended to be used. They are quite fragile and are made for display purposes only. If for some reason you do in fact make use of this item (again, we discourage this), it is at your own risk!

This item is made to order and will be ready in less than one to two weeks (usually sooner) from the order date.

All items are sold as is and are produced on a per order basis; each work is a custom piece and reproduced (where applicable) by hand and using period materials as close as possible to the original materials used in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. All items may be subject to a delay and currently each item will require one to two weeks to produce and ship from our workshop, unless otherwise noted. All bespoke modern and historical clothing and items are dependent upon the measurements provided by you, the buyer and we cannot take responsibility for mishitting items as a result of improperly provided measurements and associated requirements. Custom fitting appointments are available in person and virtually, for those who require them and where applicable; please contact us as to arrange such an appointment. Please contact us for special requests, specific items that you might have in mind and other such requirements that we might be able to assist you with.